News-‘Star Wars’ Doesn’t Belong to George Lucas. It Belongs to the Fans.

‘Star Wars’ Doesn’t Belong to George Lucas. It Belongs to the Fans.

This is a New York Times article discussing the relationship between George Lucas’s Star Wars and its fans. The article attempts to say that the legacy of Star Wars has eclipsed the creator, George Lucas and entered an arena of fandom that says that the films are ‘property’ of the die-heart loyal Star Wars film goers as any criticisms that they make to the films influences the how the stories are perceived to a general audience.

I found this article interesting as this relationship between Star Wars and its fans has similarities to some of the readings we have discussed in class such as classic rock and roll and the inspiration that Tibetan refugees find in in it.

I can understand that spiritually the Stars Wars fan have a connection to the work, but I think that the ‘fanboy’ criticism goes too far in that it affects the content that the writers of the Star War franchise turn into movies.

Also, because George Lucas has sold the rights of Star Wars to Disney. Due to Disney being the new holders of the Star Wars franchise, the merchandising is fashioned in a way that is dictated by the fans also. It is understandable that a huge business like Disney would cater to the fans of the franchise as this will in sure that the company makes money.

Personally, I think there is a fine line between catering to fans and producing material that has integrity. I think catering to the fans when it comes to merchandising toys, video games, and fashion is fine, but when it comes to the writing movies deviating from ‘fanboy’ inspired storylines will make for more compelling, exciting cinema.

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