News-Skrillex’s Next Hit May Come From India


Skrillex is an electronic musician who focuses mainly on house music, but his music could be considered studio art too. This YOUREMD interview article is about his influences and his thoughts on who he has world with in the past.

Skrillex mentions that he is influenced by Indian artist, Yo! Yo! Honey Singh. Their genres seems so different as Yo! Yo! Honey Singh, an Indian R&B Artist. Skrillex also speaks about how he is a fan of Bollywood music and plans on purchasing some content while in India.

Yo! Yo! Honey Singh

Skrillex as talks about his influences as a youth. He says that he want to be a singer when he first saw Michael Jackson, but wanted to become a guitar player when he saw Metallica. It’s interesting that he settled on neither and choose the music studio as his instrument.

Images-Charlie Chaplin Bread Dance

This is a gif image of Charlie Chaplin in the 1925 movie, The Gold Rush. While I have ntumblr_m5ehpsXzi51qci4ejo6_r1_250ot seen the movie, I have view clip of Mr. Chaplin performing Bread Dance see in the gif image. I choose this image because when I see the dance, it makes me smile. It is amazing that something produced in the 1920’s can still bring joy and laughter 90 years later.

The content in the image is still revalent in today’s pop culture. It has been remained for popular cartoon series  such as the Simpsons and movies such as Bennie and Joon. This material will most likely always be revalent because Chaplin is unforgettable.

Images- Queen, Live Aid 1985

This is a photo of Queen’s Freddie Mercury Standing in front of a huge crowd at Live Aid 1985. Queen’s set for Live Aid lasted about 25 minutes. Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of Queen, has told mastery of the crowd for the whole set. I choice this photo because it shows what music can do when people are totally transfixed in the moment. Mr. Mercury almost look an animal trainer tamiFreddie mercury-live aidng a lion or a snake charmer with his voice being the whip or instrument.

During the performance at Live Aid, the audience were singing with Freddie word for word. Freddie would ask the audience to repeat lyrics and they would do it. Looking at the video I would describe as participatory and presentational performance and I also think you can see these descriptions just looking at the photo.

Image- Josephine Baker Banana Dance

Josephine Baker

This is a photo of Josephine Baker as starring performer of the Banana Dance in the ‘Danse sauvage’. In the early twentieth century moved to France for opportunities that she could not obtain in the United States. She felt disheartened by segregation and the racial injustices she had to endure as a Black performer.

I know that if most people saw this photo and did not who Josephine Baker was that they would assume that she was being belittled, but I think this photo shows an empowered black woman. I think that it matters little that she has on a banana skirt when she benefited in so many other ways as a performer in France.

As a dancer in France, she had the ability to perform in venues in which all races could come and see her perform. She was also treated with more respect than she would have been in the United States. Because of her performance of the ‘Dance sauvage’, she became one of the most famous acts in Europe. This would have never happened for her in the United States.

One little banana skirt led her to change the lives of so many and empower a whole race. I do not think that this would have happen for her if she stayed in the U.S.

News-From Crack House to Cocaine Apartment: The Privilege of Dying While White

From Crack House to Cocaine Apartment: The Privilege of Dying While White

This The Root article is about the coverage of the death of married doctor and mother of three, Kiersten Rickenbach Cerveny. The coverage of Kiersten Cerveny highlights racial inequality of media coverage between women of color and white women. Ms. Cerveny died of a cocaine overdose in a crack house.

In most articles, Ms. Cerveny is highlighted as a mother and a doctor who succumb to the stresses her life. She is given the respect that human beings deserve when they succumb, but when it comes to the death of people of color, they are depicted as drug fiends and trouble makers who got what they deserve.

I chose this article because of the content that we read in the book, Roll With It, pertaining to the band, Hot 8. It is interesting and dishearten to see the divisions in our culture and the unfairness in how human beings are portrayed. More upsetting is that these biases are based on unfounded and overplayed stereotypes.

In today’s society, many of these disparities are in the public eye. I hope that in the future that all people will be seen in comparable light depending how they live or die and not by stereotypes based on how they look.

Journal- Favela Rising

Favela Rising is a documentary that follows Sa Anderson and his Afroreggae movement in the slums of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. As a youth, Sa Anderson looked up to the drug dealer who controlled the favelas. He was even involved in minor drug trafficking.

After the brutal murder of his brother and the massacre of favela resident by police officers and lack of justice, Sa Anderson and a group of favela teens establish Afroreggae. The movement was established as a way to detour teens away from being involved in drug dealing and police violence. Afroreggae teaches children percussion, citizenship, and life skills as a way of giving the children something to strive and retard the growth of drug dealers and gangs.

I was interested in writing about Favela Rising because the story is inspiring. It was amazing to see what can happen in a community with little hope when the citizens ban together and make positive change.

Journal- The Kristin Chenoweth Concert at KSU

On October 2, we went to the Kristin Chenoweth concert at McCain Theater. I was compelled to choose this event as a journal topic because I have not been to many music concerts with professional artists. She was amazing and had a killer voice.

It was really interesting that she related her experience as an Oklahoma native from a small town to life here in the Manhattan, Kansas. She talk about her affinity for Sonic’s drive inn and IHOP. She also state on a few occasions that the Manhattan crowd were just like the culture she grew up in. Ms. Chenoweth was definitely playing to her audience.